So I finally received my package from Ulta in the mail with all my NYX products from their 40% off sale.
I was so excited about it since I mean who isn`t excited about a ton of NYX stuff??
But then I got into trying all of the lippies on. I got 10 total. I got:

1 Butter Lip Gloss
2 Round Lipsticks
3 Matte Lipsticks
and 4 Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies

The Round Lipsticks were PERFECT, I loved the shades, and they are always so creamy. That was part of my purchase that I enjoyed

The Matte Lipsticks were okay, I wouldn`t say I loved them because out of the three I got, I only liked one. The other two were just the wrong color.

I got a Butter Lip Gloss in Meringue and it was pretty decent, I can definitely see myself repurchasing the same color or a different color.

Now last and very least is the Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie. I can say I will never be purchasing these again, and these are what stemmed for me driving there later on and returning them along with the two Matte Lipsticks. Let me just get right into the review and you`ll see and understand why.

The Butter Lip gloss I got was in the color Meringue. it was a pinkish purple color, surprisingly it wasn`t very sticky, because no one likes a sticky lip gloss on their lips, especially with the wind blowing and your hair down. The pigmentation was a lot better than I expected. I don`t like my lip gloss to be as pigmented than my lipstick, and it gave off a slight color, but not over powering so that`s why I liked it a lot, and I`m not usually a lip gloss girl, if you couldn`t tell already. but I really like this lip gloss and it was a good purchase.

The Round Lipsticks are always a pretty easy buy, you know how they`re going to turn out and you can see by the shade whether it`s too light or not. They`re just a very safe purchase and that`s what I love about them, I`m not scarred when I buy one that`s too dark or too light because I always get them so cheap. So when I received these, I was excited, cause they haven`t really disappointed me that much yet. But the colors I got this time I LOVED. I got Minimalism and Blush. Minimalism is a rosey pink color, perfect for everyday, it`s exactly what it`s called, it`s creamy, and it is very minimal, you could wear this with no makeup at all and look all done up. I think it`s a perfect color. The next color I got was Blush, it was a bit brighter of a pink, but still and very beautiful color, it can also be an everyday pink!

So now on for the Matte Lipsticks, the colors I got were Shy, Nude, and Tea Rose. The Tea Rose was my favorite. Shy and Nude were the lip colors I didn`t like at all. Shy was the exact color of my skin, so it just completely made my lips disappear right into my skin. WHICH IS NOT WHAT I WANT. lol but that`s why I completely will return this lipstick. The Nude lipstick was just a color that was so uncomplimentary to my skin color. It made me look so bad, and it wasn`t even a nude color, it was a pinkish orange color that wasn`t very nice on my lips, I just really REALLY didn`t like it. But the Tea Rose color was another perfect pink, I`m into those dark pink that you usually would call an `old lady` pink and it just looks very well on my skin and lips.

Now, for the worst things in my entire shopping haul, The Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies. These things had no pigmentation on my lips, sure they were moisturizing, but I would have rather spent the money on a normal 99 cent chap stick than buying four supposedly different colors of the lippies and not getting any color out of it. Some of them had a slight darker color than my lips, and one or two had some shimmer and sparkles, but other than that they were just gloss on my lips. I did NOT like these at all. I`m actually going to go to Ulta and return these and the two Matte Lipsticks for other things.

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