NYX trio eyeshadow quads haul amp review!

3 years ago

(super picture heavy ) today i was grocery shopping with my friend and i looked through the make up section and came across these NYX trio eyeshadow quads! typically in canada i believe only Save On Foods carry nyx as far as i know so i couldnt help but grab some of these! i already own one but i grabbed 3 more ! :P couldnt help myself!

i apoligize if the pictures arent very good their taken by my berry!i was going to get some pictures from nyx site but the colours are very off o.O !

1. i belive they dont have names so imma just write whatever is on the back! .. this one is .. TS19 barely there, champagne, root beer ! ( entire trio is shimmery )
first colour is a shimmery frosted white almost, its great for highlight
second is a very pretty bronze colour that would be great as a lid or in my preference a crease colour
last colour is my favourite from this trio ! its a dark greyish brownn

2. TS 30 A In The Woods ( this one has a name! )
first colour is a shimmery brown.. i find it hard to describe this colour becuase it has like silver reflexes buts its very pretty and super pigmented
second colour is a like a chocolate brown but is not as shimmery as the first but still contains some shimmer, also super pigmented
the last colour is sort of a big let down.. it doesnt show up much.. its almost just like all shimmer

3.TS 12 golden,rust, walnut bronze
golden..is more like a golden copper and its super pigmented but its not a colour i care for usually but still very nice
rust.. idk why its called rust its more like a cranberry pink. this colour actually is the reason why i wanted to get this trio i just thought it was so pretty and different also very pigmented
walnut bronze actually turned out to be my fave colour in the trio, i just think its a nice shimmery brown perfect for crease!

4. this one i actually owned for a little bit but this one is .. TS03 nude,taupe and dark brown
nude very pretty pigmented shimmery nude, i like this alot for highlight
taupe.. although looks very pretty in the trio its not very pignmented its almost just like a shimmery.. super light.. taupe.. i dont care for this one much and rarely ever use it . e
dark brown.. i love this colour.. its just super pigmented and a gorgeous rich dark brown ANDD its actually matte it has no shimmer!

SOOO overall i really do like these quads there small so you can just throw it in ur purse and take to wherever to touch up ur makeup.. most of the colours are pretty pigmented and nice! also i believe they pick pretty nice set of colours to go with one another in each trio. i believe they go for 8 dollars.. i got them on discount cus my gf works at save ons ( THUMBS UP FOR DISCOUNTT ^___^ ) but even so 8 dollars each there very well worth it !

p.s omgsh its so long im so sorry ><
xoxo, hope you enjoyed this review!

Source link: http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/products/eyes/eye-shadow/trio-eye-shadow

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