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4 years ago

I have heard a lot of great things about NYX Round Lipsticks, but didn`t get around to trying them until recently. I was browsing all the different shades, and felt quite overwhelmed, as I couldn`t decide what to get. So when I saw that Rock the Catwalk had a listing for an http://stores.homestead.com/Rock-The-Catwalk/-strse-2030/NYX-Round-Lipstick-Mix/Detail.bok for $12.98, selected by the seller, I thought that would be a good way to get started. When checking out, I mentioned in the comments section that I liked reds and fuschsias, but had trouble finding a nude lipstick shade that worked with my skin tone. I also stated that I have very pale skin that leans warm. The lipstick shades that were selected for me were:

  • Honey: A warm beige shade with a cream finish. This colour matches my skin colour almost too closely, so it looks awful on me, unfortunately. :( I`ll have to wear it with a peachy/pink gloss layered on top to make it work for me, I think.

  • Fig: Warm, fruit-punch pink. This lipstick is creamy but tends to dry matte-ish on me. I was probably the most surprised by this shade, as I thought medium and light pinks could not look good on me. Well, this one really suits me! :)

  • Spell Bound: Hot pink with a little bit of shimmer. This one also has a creamy consistency. I really like it, but I like my hot pinks with more purple in them (fucshia!).

  • Ulysses: A warm rosy brown shade with a cream finish. This one is really pretty, but it`s too dark for me to pull off, unfortunately.

  • Chaos: A rich, blue-based red. This is actually cool-toned (according to the reviews I`ve read) but I think this is my holy grail red! It looks awesome on me, moreso than any other red lipstick that I`ve tried. This lipstick is hands down my favourite out of the five that I received.

These lipsticks are great. They are creamy and moisturizing, and really cheap - I only paid about $2.60 per lipstick. They don`t last as long as some of the other lipsticks I`ve tried (maybe 2 hours?), but the deeper colours (i.e., Ulysses, Chaos) leave behind a really pretty stain. There is a bit of a fragrance to these lipsticks, which doesn`t smell great to me - it`s sort of floral and fake-smelling. But the scent doesn`t stick around, and I don`t notice it too much. If you are looking to try out some new colours, but don`t want to break the bank, I would highly recommend these lipsticks. You can play around with them to see what works for you, without breaking the bank! :)
Have you ever tried NYX Round Lipsticks? What`s your favourite bargain lipstick brand? ***Photos are my own; please do not take.

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