NYX lipgloss swatches + Small rant

5 years ago

Finally gotten round to do the NYX lip gloss swatches. You can click /viz/%E2%9C%B0-nyx-lipstick-swatches if you want to see the lipstick ones and Ive already worn one out. I like it so far. I only ordered 9 of them at almost $2 each which makes them almost £1.50 for me. I picked up mostly pinks, the ones I thought would look more natural on me but I looked at swatches beforehand. The glosses come in plastic tubes and when it knocks against something it sounds cheap and more obvious its plastic but for that price Im not surprised. Not too bothered about it. I think these ones were a little harder to swatch than the lipsticks for me because they were a little sticky, youd have to wipe a few times before itd properly come off but my hand still felt a little sticky. After some wipes with the baby wipe it left some wool bits on my hands too which you might see in the swatches. They were all pigmented though unless it was the sheer ones. Theyre more pigmented than I thought they were. The lip glosses (in order that I swatched them): Pinky natural Natural Strawberry Mauve Apricot Sorbet Real nude Red tint Peach I tried to do the colour descriptions for you guys but I simply suck at it. I have to say until this age I still dont know the rainbow song we used to have to sing in primary school and some names do describe the colour anyway. I know some pictures are a little blurred but I was trying to work fast with these. Another thing is Im not liking the smell of these already, almost all of them smell like washing up liquid. Dont think I fancy that but hey theyre cheap at least colour payoff wasnt too bad. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rant: What is up with Luuux recently?! Usually when I check Luuux in the morning I`d see a good number of posts since the night before but I`m not seeing that lately. Whenever I click into a post 9 out of 10 of them are those short vague ones and I feel like I`m getting more spammy comments than before. Is it just me or is anyone else seeing this?! Where`s all the real bloggers gone! :/ What do you think of these lip gloss swatches? Do you own any NYX lip glosses? In which shades?
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