Nutra Nail Gel Manicure Review!

4 years ago

heyyyyyy ya`ll! I have a review for you guys today. This is the Nutra Nail Perfect Gel Manicure that you can get at most drugstores. Normally, you`d need to `cure` the polish if you wanted to do a gel manicure. But I found this one really interesting because it didn`t require a LED/UV light and it was suppose to produce the same results as you`d get in the salon.

This costs about $10-13 USD. I`ve heard this was a hit or miss product so I thought I`d try it myself. It comes with 3 bottles. 1 bottle of activator, 1 bottle of polish, and 1 bottle of brush cleaner. The first step is to apply one coat of activator to all 5 nails. Working quickly, you need to apply a coat of polish before the activator dries. Then you switch brushes with the brush in the brush cleaner. It`s actually quite a hard process to apply this. If you want the details on how to use this here`s a video you can watch:

Anyways, do I like this product? HHEEEEEEELLLLLLLL NO! I would never advise anyone to buy this because it`s such a horrible product. I`m pretty easy going when it comes to trying new things, but this one is going back to the store. I watched some reviews over this and someone said "you know what the activator smells like? super glue." So I looked on the `activator` ingredients list and googled the ingredients for super glue. You know was the same ingredients. No wonder it smelled like super glue, because it was super glue.

So please don`t spend your money on super glue and polish. After I finished one hand, it was so difficult to `apply` because it ran onto the edges of my nails and got `glued` together. So it was a very uncomfortable feeling. And of course, I wasn`t able to remove it from my nails because regular nail polish doesn`t remove super glue. *sigh* better stick to the UV gel manicures. I`m not sure if I covered everything, but I was very disappointed in this product because I would have never expected it to be super glue in the activator. Hopefully I didn`t confuse anyone with this whole thing.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

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