Nutella amp Strawberry Crepes for Mother`s Day lt3

Hey all :) Here`s a quick and delicious recipe for crepes <33 I love eating these,my sister makes them at least once a month and we usually eat them with Nutella and strawberries.

For those of you who don`t know: Crepes are a french food that can be eaten at any meal of the day :O You can fill them with anything;Strawberries,Asparagus,carrots,Nutella, Bananas, lemons,etc. :)




-1 cup all purpose flour
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1 1/4 cup milk
-2 large eggs,well beaten
-1 tablespoon butter,melted
-nonstick cooking spray
-About 5 strawberries cut up


Step O1::Grab a bowl and whisk the flour,salt,milk, and beaten eggs together until smooth.Stir the butter in.Cover the bowl and let it chill for an hour.


Step O2::Get a 6 in. Nonstick skillet and set it to medium heat.Also make sure to spray it with the nonstick spray!


Step O3::Grab a tablespoon and take 2 spoon fulls of the batter and add it to the pan.QUICKLY turn the pan in all directions to get it to coat the surface so that it evenly coats the pan.


Step O4::Cook on one side for a full minute and then flip to the other side.Let that side cook for only 30 seconds.


Step O5::Grab a spatula and flip the crepe onto a plate.It should be thin,light,and airy. Continue steps 3-5 with the remaining batter.


Step O6::Spread Nutella all over one side of the crepe.


Step O7::Take some of the cut up strawberries and drop them onto the Nutella covered crepe.


Step O8:: Roll the crepe and enjoy by using a fork :P

Recipe makes 16 (6 in.) crepes.
Pretty easy,huh? :D They`re really yummy! You guys should definitely try this recipe :3 I`m sure your Mom`s would love it!!

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