Nurse measured me wrong

4 years ago

I got weighed and measured during my allergy test and I was actually quite pissed off.

The scale itself was not even against the wall. The nurse pushed me forward so I was on a slant and I was slouching but she measured me anyways.

When I got the result, I got really pissed off. Apparently I`m 5`2 and 112 lbs. The problem is, my mom is 5`2 3/4 and when I`m barefoot and she`s trying on 4 inch heels, I`m still taller than her.

The average height for females in Hong Kong are 5`1 and males 5`4. When I go there, in flats, I can still see over everyone`s heads and I hit my head on the handles that drop from the bars.

I remember last year, my friend and I were consoling our Korean friend because at the doctor`s office, it read that she was 5`2. She was breaking down and crying. Why? Because height is very important to a lot of East Asians.

Being taller means you have a much bigger advantage in the workforce. They get better jobs, faster promotions and more money. It`s true, there`s been many studies that prove this, even though no one wants to admit it.

So my friend and I actually measured every one of us to help prove that she was not short. Turns out, she was 5`4, I was 5`6 and my friend was 5`7. And the thing is, we ensured the measuring tape was taped onto the wall straight and everything was accurate.

My friend also does her rotation in hospitals and she`s told me, nurses don`t really care when they measure you. She`s had to comfort women breaking down because the nurse said they were 10-20 lbs heavier. It makes a BIG difference whether you are 10-20 lbs heavier, you can either be normal or overweight from that range. Another fact she told me was that none of the scales are calibrated. She ran from one end of the hospital to the other and between both of the "same" scales on the "same tiled floor, there was a 5 lb difference.

I have still not seen a girl whose 5`2 and 112 lbs to wear my clothes. Nor have I known any girl whose 5`2 at 112 lbs have the same measurements as I do. It just isn`t possible to wear size 00 at that height and weight.

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