Nude-y Portrait

5 years ago

This one is for you BrooklynMAK! teeheehee. Don`t worry this is not me though I like to think it is. If only my waist was really that small. This is actually a cross-stitching of a nude female with her back turned. Why I wanted to do this I really can`t say for sure except that I just really liked it and thought it was really pretty and feminine when I saw the picture unlike some of the other ones that seemed vulgar. So I bought the pattern and got to cross-stitching it. If you look at it from afar you`d think that it was a painting of a real girl... of me, i know, not really. So it hangs on the wall of my bedroom as if it were me cause it doesn`t seem appropriate to hang it out on our living room wall. lol.

Anyway, cross-stitching is a great hobby when you have loads of time like at did at some point in my life. I still have a pattern I started that haven`t completed it`s a lady sitting on the moon. It`s quite pretty as well but since the dawn of Luuux I just don`t seem to have much time for anything else. ;D

Do you have a hobby you no longer have time for since LUuux? lol. Let`s share hobbies we have neglected. ;D

photo is mine but not of me. ;P

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