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I usually don`t get acne, maybe during that time of the month but that`s about it. After taking off my makeup, I like to use a anti blemish pad to prevent breakouts.

WHAT IT CLAIMS: To clear your blocked pores, and treat current breakouts. It removes oil and impurities from your skin. Your skin will feel soft and clean after just one use.
For best results, use 1-3 times daily after washing your face.

PROS: It really does unclog pores and help clean and dirt or oil off your face. It fights against existing acne and prevents acne from forming.

CONS: The smell is a bit strong, and my face sometimes burns/tingles a little after. I feel like it dries my face out a little bit.

Overall, I like using this to fight acne. I think that it helps clean what other stuff leaves behind. I only use it once a day to prevent over drying of my skin.

My sister has been using this product for years and swears by it. She doesn`t feel the tingle, so maybe it`s just me, but I wanted to let you know just in case.

I think it was about $4 at Walmart. I may be wrong on the price but around that range. If you have a lot of acne, check this out, because it clears your skin up right away!

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