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3 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

The first reward level change has now been implemented, so if you havent yet, hurry up and check out whether you went up a level! If you didnt rise in levels this week, dont despair: the levels are based on weekly flux earnings, so get posting and itll happen.

You can read or re-read the How it works section in your menu if youre unsure about how the reward levels work. Because of the slight delay in the level changes, any Flux you may have earned today before the change will be counted towards next weeks result, so you dont miss out!

Remember that when it comes to rising in levels and earning Luuux$ all your Flux counts - and chances are youre still earning Flux for posts you wrote ages ago. Check out your old posts and see whether youre earning Luuux$ without lifting a finger! You can also try sharing some of your old posts on for example facebook or twitter - youre sure to see a boost in your earnings.

We are constantly working on fixing any bugs there may be with the new site, and as always we are happy to listen if you have any suggestions, feedback or complaints! Our focus is and will always be to reward you guys for writing good posts in a fair way, and we are constantly trying to improve and tweak the system. If you have anything youd like us to know, comment on one of our posts or get in touch at

Happy Luuuxing!

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