November MAC Haul 2014

2 years ago

Finally I was able to do some real shopping, well for myself at I decided to stop by MAC cause for some reason I`m in this blush phase right now. I`ve fallen in love with MAC blushes since I purchased my first one a while back and had been wanting to try more of the colors but didn`t know which colors try until I stumbled upon some videos on youtube showing people swatching their MAC blushes. And trust me, after watching those videos, I`ve made a list of the ones I want to get and the ones I`ve some in my pictures are just two of the 16 or more I still wanna get my hands on.

So at the MAC store I picked up:

~~MAC Blush Pan Refill in Melba: It`s a matte soft coral peach shade $17

~~MAC Blush Pan Refill in Breath of Plum: It`s a sheertone light plum color $17

~~MAC Pro Palette Large/Duo $8

I bought the pro palette but I didn`t buy the inserts cause I wanted the extra room so I can fit more blushes in there and I didn`t see the need for them since I won`t be taking it out of the house. But I might change my mind in the future. The inserts costs only $2. But I am glad I didn`t buy the pro palettes when they first came out cause I heard that it was way more than the $8 that they are selling it for now....I believe it was around $15 or more...not quite sure. But $8 for a pro palette is a pretty good deal. It`s double sided, so you can put blushes and even eyeshadows on both sides. The con is that you can`t see what is inside unless you open it. There is a plastic sheet that separates the two sides. It`s not one of those flimsy plastic sheets though. And the blush pan refills are only $17 which is cheaper than the $22 you would pay if you bought the ones in the compact even though you could back to mac it. With limited storage space in my vanity, for me the refills are the best way to go and my makeup is adding up...don`t we makeup junkies have the same

What are some of your favorite MAC blushes that you love. Maybe I should check those out as well...ouch my wallet wants to strangle

**pictures belong to me, don`t use without permission**

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