November Favourites

4 years ago

Hey guys :)

I haven`t done a favourites post in soooo long, so I thought this month I have to get back on that train again! ;)

Here are my favourites this month:

- Olive Oil: WTF? yeah I know what you`re thinking :D but I`ve started using olive oil in my hair as
a treatment this month. I actually put it in my hair over night, and it works wonders!

- Garnier Mineral Ultra Dry 48h Deodarant: my favourite deodarant of all time actually! It really
keeps you feeling fresh all day, and the scent isn`t overpowering or anything. I hate when a
deodarant like clashes with my perfume or something!

- Neutrogena Visble Clear Cleanser & Moisturizer: I just loooove this skincare regime! I already
did a post about this, but let me tell you, I`ve never tried anything better than this, and it helped
my skin so much! I can`t wait to pick up the scrub from this line once I run out of my current
one :)

- Gliss Kur Intense Moisturizing Treatment with Marrakesh Oil & Coconut: an amazing deep
conditioner! You can really feel how it puts back moisture in your hair! The scent of the actual
product is pretty intense and herbal, and I don`t like it that much, but it does linger a lot in your
hair and after a while it actually smells really good! So just another plus! :)

- Nailpolishes!!: I really gotten into more seasonal, muted, darker shades this month! The ones I
liked most are "London`s Weather Forecast", "Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans" and "Welcome to
Rosewood!" all by Catrice and also I`ve been getting back into wearing pitch black nailpolish
this month! ;)

- "Magic Rose" blush by Alverde: I looove this shade it`s a really pretty powdery rosewood/plum
color, totally suitable for this time of the year! :)

- "Brulé" eyeshadow by MAC: I`ve been getting into matte highlight shades on my browbone this
month! It just gives your eye makeup that very clean and clear look, and also emphasizes the
shape of your brow.

- "I Love Extrem" mascara & "All I want" eyeliner by essence: Let me tell you, this mascara is the
best one in the drugstore department! it gives your mascara length and tons and tons of
volume! I`ve also been enjoying putting nude eyeliner on my waterline, instead of very bright
whites or cremes.

- "Brigitte Bardot" lipgloss by p2: I`ve been wearing this lipgloss probably every day this past
month! :D It`s just the perfect nude/light pink shade, and the staying power and pigmentation
is amazing! <3

Well, that`s it! :) I`ve been totally getting into the mood of wearing more seasonal colors this month!

What are your favourites this month?

Thank you for reading & leave your comments down below! <3

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