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5 years ago

So I was video surfing on YouTube and I came across this pretty nail design by MyRoby80. (link down below) I fell in love with the little bows at once and couldn`t wait to get the design done on my own nails.

In her video she actually uses those nail stamp sets (I think they`re known as konads?) to create the bows but if you do not have that and don`t want to spend money to get that, fret not! I did all of that and recreated the exact same look without a single stamp :)

To start off I created french tips using nail guides. You can get these anywhere but mine are the Essence nail guides from Target. They come in a pack of 30 for like 3 bucks or something. Its really affordable and what I did was actually cut the strips further into threes because they were too long for one nail. Now I have 90 nail guides instead of 30! :P It works as well in my opinion as long as you stick them on in a generally straight line.

After that you draw the little bows on the top right/left sides on the nail (see picture). I recommend doing all bows to the left/right on one hand if not it will look slightly messy. For this I used the Migi Nail Art pens in Black to create the bows and it was especially helpful in creating the rounded sides smoothly. However, once again, if you don`t have these pens and don`t want to spend more to get them you can always use a toothpick. Just drop a blob of black polish on a piece of paper (thick enough so your table doesn`t get stained!) and dab your toothpick in and work from there (:

Finally you just use the same polish and draw the black lines directly under your white tips to finish off the look. You can add sparkles on the bow if you want but I decided to keep it simple :) Seal it off with a top coat and your nails are ready to be shown to the world :)

On a side note, I hope everyone had a good Valentines` Day! I got a little surprise from someone so that`s a close up of the bouquet(I sprayed water on to make them look more photogenic HAHA). They look pretty in the pictures but when they actually came to the door they didn`t look as fresh as they should :( I later learnt that the flowers were bought online so here`s a tip - don`t buy flowers online if you can help it! Delivery charge is really high too so it makes the whole entire bouquet really expensive for flowers that aren`t so fresh :/ So girls, remember to tell your special others to watch out for that! Or maybe it was just that particular florist that was terrible haha.

Have fun with the nails! X

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