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5 years ago

Long time no blog! Before this mani it definitely had been a long time since I`ve polished my nails. I was lazy to paint my nails for a while and I fell ill for a week too so when I became well enough I had to slap some colour onto them. I know I`m a late comer when it comes to this. Everyone had been raving about it but the brand and price put me off. My collection consists of other ones except Revlon but now it`s a different story. I didn`t quite trust the brand, no idea why. It retails for £6.50 here in the UK, thats even more than what I get my Essies and OPI`s for on Ebay which I hated. I went ahead with purchasing it because of a free £10 voucher I had. I really like this colour, it`s sheer base with different sized purple gltters. It somewhat reminds me of /viz/%E2%9C%B0-new-years-nails-dl-razzle-dazzle-31122011 I had on some while ago. Just different colour, there isn`t so much glitter or different sized ones and didn`t stain as much. Though I have heard it`s a dupe for one of their polishes. I had to apply 3 coats before I was happy with how it look and it weren`t the smoothest application too but a few hours later I started to really like. Talk about late reaction LOL I had it on for almost a week but it started chipping within a day or two for me. By the end of the week I didn`t even need much nail polish remover, it was even easy to peel off. Ahh I broke my no polish buy too. Randomly. But I won`t be able to post frequently because I have to revise for exams. I`ll be making a post once in awhile and I`ll make sure when I`m free I`ll reply to all the meaningful comments. :) What do you guys think of this colour? Do you own this polish too?
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