NOTM: Twisted Paparazzi Pleaser

5 years ago

Hello guys and dolls! I`ve been goon for almost a week! Long time to for an avid Luuuxer. My computer crashed, and is still being a tad odd. Holly thinks I may still have a virus. I`m hoping its just being weird for the time being.

Anyhow, last week I made a run to Rite Aid. I joined the bandwagon of diy makeup trays. So I wanted to do mine different (I will post that in a bit) After I found what I was looking for I tried my hand at the new Essie collection. I did not see them, but there was a new rack of Loreal polishes.

I went towards it right away as there were gorgeous colors on the display. Now that I think about it, I should have taken a picture of that as well. I picked up 4 of new polishes. There were about 20 new shades. One being Paparazzi Pleaser. So far this is the only one I`ve tried on and I`m loving it!

Not only is the color gorgeous, but the formula is great too!
The consistency is exactly what I look for in polish. I wasn`t too runny, nor too thick. I was just right. The polish was very easy to spread, and took two to be completely opaque. The only thing I didn`t like too much was the brush. Its not stiff, but it doesn`t fan out as much as I would prefer.

For my accent nail, I ran and got Twisted from the Finger Paints effects collection. I saw Marlene`s haul and ran to Sally`s to pick one up. I however didn`t want to do all of my nails. I normally do when I apply flakies, but I really do just love staring at PP. I just a nice, vibrant (without being in your face) shade of purple. I used 2 coats of the flakie. One was just fine, but I wanted a lot to show up on the nail.

I finished my look up with a top coat of Seche Vite. As well as 2 drops of Orly`s quick dry drops.

Loreals polishes ran about $5 each.
Images are my own.

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