Nothing compares to twin love lt3

4 years ago

Hey guys,
i said i`d do a post introducing you all to my sister Poppy who is contemplating whether or not to make a luuux. i have persuaded her for sooo long. Yes we are twins, she is older by 4 minutes but unfortunately, we are not identical (which is quite sad because she is frigging beautiful and i envy!).
When you have a twin sister, everyone expects you to be exactly the same and that`s not the case. we are total opposites lol. I`m obsessed with models (thus wanting to diet and exercise, hoping i`d wake up and look like adriana lima). Whereas my sister hates any form of exercise or dieting. I`m mean when i want, hate girls, hate guys, hate animals, hate everything, im moody, stubborn and just hate cleaning, hate being told what to do. Lets just sum up by saying hate is my favourite word. Whereas my sister sees the best in everyone, she`s polite, humble, down to earth, obsessed with instruments, loves syfy channels, and documentaries and everything else boring people do. And because if that, my parents are like, "why can`t you be more like your sister?" which is really irritating as she makes me look worse than i actually am since she is so perfect. Despite our differences, we are the bestest of friends and i love her and she loves me too. Having a twin can be annoying. especially when she attempts to wear my clothes that are clearly 3 sizes smaller than her or when i want to sleep and she decides she wants to read detective novels and keep the bloody lights on. However, the best thing is she is a part of me, she`s like my limbs, or my arms, or the left side of my heart. without her, i really would not be able to function. I always have someone to talk to. Despite the bullying in primary school and the isolation from other kids, it didn`t affect me because i had a friend at home, (my age, how awesome) and that kept me going.
so that`s my sister Poppy, ain`t she beautiful? <3

Friends are like gold, hard to find, hard to hold,
of all the friends i have ever met, your the one i`ll never forget,
and if i die before you do,
i`ll go to heaven and wait for you
<3 <3

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