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4 years ago

So I had these not so cute notebooks lying around, and I didn`t want to waste the paper, because some very good trees were cut down to make them :( So instead of throwing them out, I decided to put my own flair to it.
On the first notebook, I just flipped the two hardcovers so the inside is now facing out. Afterwards, it was just black and sort of boring, so I used my trusty silver sharpie and added a calligraphy styled `C` for my boyfriend. Also inside on the first page I added a post-it page, that way when he takes notes, he can have post-its just in case. Smart huh? :)

On the second notebook, I cute out the original logo area, and added a silver border first. After time I thought it needed more character so I started to cut out little boxes on the top and bottom, added the cute pun ``Planet Duet`` = plan it, do it
Going to be used as my planner, homework assignment notebook thingy. On the back of the notebook I cut out a saturn logo I found. It was vivienne westwood and I thought it was nice because it matched my `planet`

Thanks for reading my rant.
~Vic C.

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