Notebook vs. tablet: which is best for you?

What is the best choice, a notebook or a tablet? Does one can replace the other? Is is time to buy a modern tablet or a notebook can be the best option?

The tablets became a huge fever and the next year their sales may reach huge levels. The tablets are great for reading, searching the internet, write some text notes and take pictures. Beyond that are easy to carry around. BUT these wonderful gadget show some problems when it comes to load heavier applications and this is enough reason for many people not dispense a notebook

I perfer tablets because they are easy to carry and in another post I already talked a bit about the Google Nexus 7 ( I almost forgot to refer that for those who want to have a tablet but still want to feel some kind of keyboard, there are already in the market some kind of mix between a tablet and a notebook.
But what is your opinion, do you prefer tablets our notebooks? Join leaving your opinion

Peace & love

(Picture is my own, I made it on photoshop)
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