NotD with Sally Hansen and OPI

5 years ago

I felt like wearing something bright on my nails, so I decided to use my new Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish in Sonic Bloom. Unfortunately, I noticed some dark, greyish discolouration on my nails as they were drying, so I decided to cover it up with some crackle polish. *sigh* I think it looks fine now, but it did look odd before, lol.

Here`s what I used for this manicure:

<ul><strong><li>Jordana Calcium Boost Basecoat with Calcium Gel</li>
<li>Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Fast Dry Nail Color in Sonic Bloom</li>
<li>OPI Black Shatter Nail Lacquer</li>
<li>L`Oreal Top Coat</li></strong></ul>

Although I really like the colour of Sonic Bloom, I`m not too thrilled about the bottle it comes in. It`s very tall, and can be prone to tipping over if you`re not careful. The want is also longer than those of most other nail polishes I`ve tried. This translate to more product accumulating on the wand, and dripping down onto the brush. So you have to either ensure that you work very quickly to prevent a blob of polish from dripping onto your nail, or you have to scrape the excess polish off of the wand before applying the polish to your nails. As for the discolouration I experienced with this polish, I have no idea what caused it. It could be that I contaminated the polish somehow as I was applying it, but I`m really not sure. I`ll have to see if it happens again when I re-apply it. At the very least, the nail polish did seem to dry more quickly than many other nail polishes I`ve tried!

I know some people hate the look of crackle polish, but I think it looks fun with bright shades such as Sonic Bloom. :) And, it certainly covered up the weird discolouration of Sonic Bloom. So I am definitely happy about that! I`ve had my OPI Shatter for well over a year now, and it still works well. It hasn`t dried up or anything, which I`ve heard has happened to some people. I`m not sure if that`s a good thing or a bad thing, as crackle polish isn`t "on-trend" anymore, lol! :P Oh, well, I still like it! XD

<strong>Do you like brightly-coloured nail polish? What are your favourite nail polish shades to wear?</strong>

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