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4 years ago

Well this is slightly awkward, :)
Hello Luuuxers! Sorry for the long wait but college was calling my name with all the assignments, tests, homework and all my available time. Since it`s been a few weeks since my classes has begun, hopefully I can update continuously.

Anyways, on with this weeks blog!
So a while back I wanted to try an alternative to the Sally Hanson nail stickers and I struck gold at Dollarama. So I bought a few packs for me to try out, and I love them.

So things you`ll need:
-Base/top coat (Revlon base + top coat)
-Nail files
-Nail Polish Remover
-Q-tips/cotton pads
-The thing to push your cuticles back.... (Yeah, I never know the name of it... :D)
-Nail stickers

Step 1: Clean your nails of any nail polish from before using your remover and cotton pads or q-tips.

Step 2: File your nails to the shape you want them. Then proceed to push back your cuticles (If you want to, of course.)

Step 3: Cut out the correct size stickers that matches your nails accordingly. The sizes I find, are either too big or too small, but not by much so it`s okay.

Step 4: Place the sticker on nail and with the excess hanging off, just press down on the end of your nail and it should come right off. (You could always file the remaining off, but I always screw that up)

Step 5: Fix up the sticker, and add your top coat.

And there you go! Step by step nail tutorial.

Hope you enjoy and I`ll blog to you all later, :)

*Disclaimer: Products bought by me, photos are mine :)

Also, before I go, if everything goes as planned, I`ll have a video up of me cleaning my room. I`m in the process of editing it :)

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