NOTD: Snake Skin

4 years ago

I`m rather excited to show you this manicure. It is something I have wanted to do for a while but actually didn`t intend for this to be my manicure until last minute. Last night I spent some time looking through my polishes to redo my manicure. I had JUST done my manicure the other day but it got beat up when I did some Fall Cleaning around my house on Wednesday. I ended up pulling out Essie Penny Talk knowing I wanted to try stamping with it. (I don`t like it as a full manicure, but metallics are amazing for stamping). I was going to use a white base but then figured nah, that may be too light for the cooler weather mood I`m in. So, I went the opposite direction and grabbed Sally Hansen Midnight in NY. I spent a couple of minutes looking through my image plates trying to pair something that would look right with rose gold and black. I had about three image plates out but ultimately chose this one. Done... from there I went to town. I applied my base coat of Sally Hansen Triple Strong, two coats of Sally Hansen Midnight in NY, and a coat of Seche Vite. I waited a couple of minutes and stamped with the Essie Penny Talk and a snake skin image plate. I like it, but felt it looked flat. I went back to my polishes and rummaged through trying to find a color that would pair well. I didn`t want anything too opaque or loud because it would take away from Penny Talk. I chose L`Oreal Safari Chic. I didn`t use the entire image plate when I stamped on Safari Chic. I just wanted little bits of the green showing. Lastly, I applied a final coat of Seche Vite. I really, really like this manicure. It was fun to do and I think the colors I ended up with worked out quite nicely. The funny thing is, I love this manicure and the look of snake skin on some things.... but I hate snakes. OHHHH I hate them. With a passion. They scare the daylight out of me. I guess that means I`ll just be playing aroung with something like this on my nails, lol!
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