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5 years ago

Yeah, yeah... I`m 25 years old and enjoy watching Pretty Little Liars. We all have something we listen to or watch that is really targeted at a younger age group.. You know it! (unless, of course, you ARE that younger age group...which is absolutely possible). ANYWAY, I`m getting off topic here. I decided to do a Hannah inspired manicure. I have seen one or two other people do this as well and I really liked the way it looked. I always think of my accent nails as being my ring fingers and thumbs. In this one it plays with color blocking and keeping the different colors of polish next to one another. In this manicure I have the pinkish shade on my thumb, index, and middle fingers. The yellow-green is on the ring and pinky fingers. Its a youthful look and quite bright. I know there will be some who will be put off by the color combo, how bright it is, or just wearing multiple colors of polish at one time... that is absolutely, 100% fine. I fully realize that not every manicure I show is going to be every single persons cup of tea. My own father has asked why I don`t do more mature, age appropriate manicures on myself and my mom. Well, I`m not old... I`m 25. And should I be 80 and still doing funky color combos, so be it! I don`t feel I should restrict myself to specific colors because the majority of society finds them appropriate or not. There are worse things I could be doing than wearing pink and lime green together! Plus, they aren`t permanent like a tattoo or something. (nothing against them either, I have body piercings and 5 tattoos myself) My point is... Its fun to play around with colors and designs on my nails. If it turns out to be something I hate, a bit of acetone and a cotton ball does the trick of wiping the canvas clean. :-) I`m finding myself straying today in my thoughts... Must be one of those days, lol!
WHAT I`M WEARING: 1 coat of Milani Smoothe Base Coat on all nails 3 coats of Revlon Zealous on pinky and ring fingers 2 coats of Orly Pixy Stix on middle finger, index finger, and thumb 1 coat of Seche Vite on all fingers I`m trying to decide if I should put some sort of design over the top. Part of me wants to. I haven`t been doing a whole heck of a lot of nail art recently and have been wanting to. We`ll see. More than likely it`ll happen! I`ve not yet reviewed either of these polishes, so consider this a mini review. Orly isn`t one of my all time favorite polish brands, but when they get formulation down they REALLY hit the mark. This is one of those that I enjoy immensely. It was self leveling and went on like butter. I didn`t have to fight with it at all to get it laid down well. It is quite pigmented, but I did want 2 coats to make sure it was perfect. This particular shade (Pixy Stix) is a creme finish, medium, coral-pink. It was a part of their Spring 2010 Sweet Collection. I kick myself for not getting more of the colors. Revlon`s Zealous polish, I believe, is new. Well, the packaging would indicate it is and it was on a semi large display with a bunch of shades I haven`t seen yet. This one jumped out at me because of its bright coloring. It is a greenish yellow with micro shimmers in it. I love the color but wish the consistency weren`t so thin. I did have to apply three coats to smooth everything over and get it to true bottle coloring. With that said, though, it wasn`t so thin that it just made a mess of my nails. It still went on pretty well. I just had to build it up. So, what are your thoughts on age and appropriate manicures? Is a bright manicure your thing? We all know Hannah is most known of the four for her fun you have a favorite that you have seen her wearing?
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