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5 years ago

This was the NOTD I was going to post earlier but found the other one on my computer. It works though! Two posts in one day!

Okay so first you want to start off by removing any nail polish you had from before. I`m using some cotton pads with nail polish remover.

After that is done, look at all your nail polishes and realize you have no idea what you want. Or at least that`s what I done.
I ended up going with my Mint green Ardene`s nail polish is Malibu Splash, Avon Purple in Loving Lavender, Art Deco polish in Aqua, Avon top coat Mosaic effects in white and last but not least a clear top coat that I have no idea what brand it is. (Came in a nail jewel set I bought). I always seem to take off the tags/stickers when I get bored. I should stop doing that in my make-up and polishes.

Okay, after all that is done, I went in with my mint green and painted half of my nails in a diagonal. Realizing that one coat sucks, I packed on a second coat. (P.S; the color is gorgeous!)

Then I went in with my purple polish and painted the rest of the nail. Where the two colors meet isn`t perfect but it`s okay because I still have to blue to put on! I only needed one coat of the purple. Really nice color!

After the purple is dried, I put the blue art deco polish where the two colors meet. This covers up the uneven lines of the purple and green. I really like this polish. I would defiantly go out and buy some more art deco polishes.

For the white mosaic, I only put it on my ring finger nail. I`ve been doing that a lot lately and I really like the way it looks!
...I say really a lot.. anyways, I think the white mosaic compliments the pastels better than the black mosaic because they are a lighter color.

Lastly, I put on my clear top coat. Normally I never use a top coat, but lately i`ve been using it more. I really like shine it gives. I will defiantly use it more.

After all the polishes dried, I used some nail polish remover and some q-tips to clean around the edges because I suck at keeping my fingers clean when doing my nails. The polish remover I use is the Sally Hansen, value size maximun strength, strengthening for soft, thin nails. Longest name ever. Just going to stick with nail polish remover!
I done any touch ups needed, I ALWAYS messes up at least one nail before it`s completely dry.

After everything is done and put away, realize it`s time to sleep and because your room is SOO small, you`ll get high during the night. Well at least that`s what it felt like in my room. Just open a window a bit to let some clean air into your room.

Hope you enjoy this little nail of the day. I really like it!

I will blog to you all later!

*Disclaimer; All products were purchased by me and/or my mother :) All photos are mine!

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