NOTD: Mint Manicure + How you can do your own too!

4 years ago

*images are mine
Hi luuuxers! I apologize for not posting much this week. I`ve been really busy with school this week but I`m back again with a NOTD + a mini instructional tutorial on how to do your own manicure. To do this manicure, I used clear tape and a nail polish bottle with a round cap.
What I did: I used a small piece of tape and stuck it on the cap of the bottle with a little bit of tape going over the edge. I flipped the bottle over and cut the tape, following the circular edge. Then I took the tape off the nail polish cap and first applied it once onto my skin to get some of the stickiness off (if the tape is too sticky, it rips off the base coat/whatever nail polish is on your nails). Then I applied the tape to my nail according to how thick I wanted the line to be and painted over it! I waited for the nail polish to dry completely and then slowly, carefully ripped off the tape. Then I just repeated this for all the rest of my nails!
I found a Youtube video about how to do this a long time ago so unfortunately, I don`t have the link but I hope this post still helps a little bit! However, I`m sure if you searched up how to do your own manicure with tape, you could come up with some very informative videos. I`m not any kind of nail artist and doing your own manicure is actually really easy to do! I honestly don`t think it`s worth the $15-$20 to go get your manicure professionally done if you can easily do it at home (: If any of you are wondering, the color I used on my nails is I Need a Refresh-Mint from Wet n Wild`s Megalast nail polish collection. In short, all nail polishes from that line are vibrant and work amazingly!
If you have any questions about how to do your own manicure, leave them below! Also, let me know what you guys think about my NOTD! (:

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