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2 years ago

Hi everyone! It`s been a while since I`ve posted a nail look, mostly because I haven`t been in the mood to paint my nails. Previously I used to grow out my nails very long and paint them a couple times before cutting them short, but now I almost have no patience for long nails.

Since it is definitely fall, and the Bay Area is getting a little cooler, I decided to break out some darker colors for this manicure. `Hidden Gems` was released last year in L`Oreal`s `Gold Dust` collection, but has since been made a part of the permanent range. The entire `Gold Dust` line features textured nail polishes, which have a bumpy/gritty texture once dried.

Price & Availability:
- About $4
- Should be available wherever L`Oreal products are sold

Shade & Finish:
- `Hidden Gems` is a textured polish
- The textured part is a black polish
- There is teal microglitter and silver round glitter suspended in the black textured polish

Coverage/How to apply:
- I think you may get away with one coat if you slather one a thick coat from the get-go
- I did two thinner coats to make sure each coat dried completely
- I used a base coat before applying this polish, but I`m not sure if that affects the longevity of the polish
- It is recommended not to put a top coat over textured polishes

I think this is an interesting choice for fall. It`s dark, but doesn`t read as black because of all the teal glitter in it. Once it dries, the polish is not overly gritty but if there is any overhang at the end of your nail it may snag on delicate fabrics. Washing your hair or something similar where your nails are rubbed against something will take the roughness away. It`s been a little over a week since application and I only had major chipping on one nail, some minor chipping on the thumbs, and general tip wear on the other fingers. What is great about textured polishes is you can generally do touch ups just by placing some polish in the chipped areas and it will look as if nothing had happened due to the textured nature of the polish. The same can`t really be said for other nail polish finishes.

If you like dark polishes and/or textured polishes, this may be one worth checking out.

Thanks for reading!

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