NOTD: Handfuls of Roses

4 years ago

Hello lovies!

I`ve been lagging behind a bit on my posting since school started (it`s my last year WOOHOO!) cause I`m super focused on reading and stuff! But yesterday night I had some extra time and decided to do a nail design with my spare time :) Most of you have probably seen this kind of design everywhere, it`s been all over the internet I think haha...I`m not very with the trends unfortunately! So I decided to do a rose design on all my nails!

<strong>What I Used (left to right):</strong>
<ol> <li>Sally Hansen Xtreme in Showtime - a gorgeous scattered holo, I think it was a limited edition, this will be your base color that you will put all over your nail</li> <li>Sally Hansen`s Charisma - a satin pink, I don`t own any light/baby pinks that look nice, hence I had to use this one, this will be the color you use to make your blobs on your nail for the base of your roses</li> <li>China Glaze`s Heli-Yum - a very pretty raspberry red creme, this will be what you use to outline your blob in order to make it look like a rose</li> <li>Sally Hansen`s Project Runway - a beautiful forest green creme with gold flicks in it, this will be the color you use for your leaves</li> <li>A top coat to seal everything!</li> </ol>

<Strong>What Did I Do:</strong>
<ol> <li>Cover your nail in your desired base color (1-2 coats to ensure your nail is no longer visible), for most tutorials that I have seen on this design, people tend to use pastel colors like a mint or yellow. Unfortunately I don`t own many pastels and my sister took her collection to school, I was left with only my bold colors! Thus why I chose to use a holographic silver color as a base color so that it would contrast against the pink and green. So just a heads up when choosing your base color, just make sure that your roses and leaves won`t blend in with the base color, make sure there is some contrast!</li> <li>After your nail has completely dried, you can either use the nailpolish brush or a Q-tip for this step, make blobs (using the light pink color) on your nail, for every nail except your pinky, make two blobs, position them anyway you want but make sure you leave room for your leaves. If you noticed, I would position the blobs so that one was at the top of my nail, while another blob was nearing the bottom. For my pinky, because there is a smaller surface area, just make one blob.</li> <li>Ensure your blobs are dry before you start this step because if the blob is wet still, you may end up dragging you light pink color with your outlining color. Using either a needle or a toothpick (you need the toothpicks with the sharp ends), dip it into your nailpolish (either a red or dark pink nailpolish) so that the tip is covered and use it as kind of like a pen to outline your blob. Here is the rule I followed while outlining, on the outside, four squiggly lines, making sure they don`t touch, then in the middle, make a dot, and then between the outside of the rose and the dot, make 3 squiggly lines. It`s kind of hard to describe, look at the pictures instead!</li> <li>Then using a clean toothpick, dip it into a dark green polish and make little swipes/strokes next to your roses to make leaves for your roses.</li> <li>Once done with your roses, seal everything with a top coat!</li> </ol>

So here is how I achieved my nail design. This one is kind of time consuming, especially if you are just trying it out, so I would recommend you give it a rough shot on your bare nails first because starting the real thing because it can be a pain if you mess up! It took me like 1.5 hours to do this, keeping in mind that this is my first time doing it, but I`m super happy with it!

Have you tried a design like this before? Is it too intricate or complicated? Do you like designs like this?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)

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