NOTD: Gold Leaf

4 years ago

Before the weekend hit I suddenly had an idea pop in my head. In my mind it was going to be fantastic. Once it was actually executed, though, it wasn`t so wonderful. My plan was to use gold leaf across the entirety of the nails. As you can see, I did just that. It isn`t pretty, however. My husband and I both agreed they were very tacky looking. Oh well. At least I tried it out. Now I know I don`t like gold leaf for the entire nail. Just in flecks. It looks ripply and bumpy but with the Seche Vite over the top it was extremely smooth. I think if it had been better behaved and laid down flat it would have been a tad nicer. The stuff isn`t easy to work with. It wants to cling to anything and everything. Each time I`d try to take a chunk and smooth it over I`d get more rips than it was worth.. The last two photos show the loose gold leaf bits. They look super pretty there, don`t they?! Ahhh, I wish they looked as eye catching on the nails. :-( You live and learn I suppose.
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