NOTD: First Attempt at Nail Stickers

4 years ago

I`ve seen people using and talking about nail stickers everywhere now. I love to play with my nails, but my nail polish application skills are not very good. I always take a long time trying to apply them, then screw up when applying the last coat or the top coat, ending up having to reapply all over again. I also can`t paint nails on my right hand with my left hand. My left hand gets all shaky and the result end up being streaky and uneven. So nail stickers seem to be the perfect solution for me.

I got these nail stickers on ebay for very cheap. I didn`t want to spend $7-$10 on the Kiss ones or Sephora ones knowing that using these probably will take some practice. Today, I felt like going to sleep after lunch and thought playing with these stickers might help to keep me awake. I ripped the plastic wrap and found instructions on the back of the cardboard packaging, but they were not very clear. I decided to just figure it out on my own. It was actually pretty easy and self-explanatory. I cut off the piece that were seemed to be the right size for my thumb nail and stuck it on my nail like a regular sticker. Then, I pressed very hard to get rid of the wrinkles that were caused by the curve of my nail. Afterwards, I bent over the extra part, pressed and scraped it against the top of my nail to remove them. I probably spent 10 minutes doing 1 hand. This is much faster and hassle-free than regular nail polish. I`m not sure how to remove it though. I guess I`ll figure that out when the time comes.

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