NOTD FAIL: First attempt at water marbling

4 years ago

My manicure with OPIs Coney Island cotton was starting to form air bubbles, loads of them that it gave me shivers to look at, I figured it was time to take it off. I still cant figure out whether its the actual polish or my top coat thats causing all these bubbles.

It felt long enough since the last time I did some sort of design so why not try water marbling? Must say I definitely under estimated the whole process because I turned out to be quite tricky. I only used two colours, Essies blanc a white and China glazes Bermuda breakaway which is a blue crème. This attempt made me remember how much I liked CGs BB.

How to:
Apply base coat, two coats of Essies Blanc and wait until theyre dry
Stick tape around your nails so cleanups will be less tedious
Fill a small cup with water
Put a drop of each polish of your choice in turn
Using a orange stick/toothpick draw the patterns you want
Place your nail into the water and remove the excess polish with your orange stick before removing your nail
Remove the tape carefully and finish off with the cleanup, top coat and cuticle oil

Sounds pretty easy but it was far from it. I had problems finding the right polish. I went through 3-5 polishes before I found ones that would spread evenly. Slightly a waste, thank goodness I have enough polish to last me a little while that the little polish that went to waste doesnt hurt.

I actually didnt use the tape because I got so lazy and thought mehhh, its only cleanups. I do that after every manicure. Silly me. There was too much to clean that I didnt do it properly. You could obviously still see the leftovers here and there in the photos. I removed my pinky way before I removed the excess otherwise that one would have been successful. I did the index and middle finger together, I have no idea why the middle came out normal and the other totally messed up but if I had done this manicure right it should have looked like the middle finger minus the air bubbles.

On some fingers Id get some sort of water marks (see the index finger) and once Ive removed the excess polish Id still see some floating on the surface which I couldnt seem to get hold of. Maybe that affected this attempt too. The results looked super fun, Id like to do it again but first Ill need to find a bigger cup/dish because I figured the one I was using wasnt big enough.

Have you tried water marbling before? What tips do you have for creating a good water marble manicure?

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