NOTD: Breezy Blue Leopard Print!

I have been meaning to post up some of my nail designs from the last couple of weeks :) I`ve reviewed a few nail polishes on Luuux and people always ask me of swatches.

<strong>3 Reasons I Don`t Post Nail Swatches:</strong>
1) <em>A Practical Reason. </em>I understand swatches can be helpful, but I don`t think I own any nail polishes that are new or different. <strong>There are already a lot of pictures out there done by nail bloggers</strong>, and if someone is really interested in purchasing the nail polish, they can Google the name.
2) <em>A Dose of Honesty.</em> I might get a lot of hate for this next reason, but I have to say it. <strong> On a lot of my posts, I get more likes than comments.</strong> It would take me a lot of time and effort to take nail swatches, what with having to apply the colors, wait, remove, apply the next color, etc. Not to mention the number of shots. There are a few people that I have noticed really read my posts and follow me. I appreciate that. However, I still don`t think I can justify the time to take the swatch pictures if nobody genuinely cares about seeing them.
3) <em>The Vanity Reason</em> I really think I have <strong> ugly fingers that nobody really wants to see. </strong> My brother has always teased me that they look like alien fingers. I tend to cut myself a lot on accident too, so I have random little scars.

<strong>The Compromise!</strong>
So I won`t be doing nail swatches, but I will start posting up my nail designs each week. It`s more unique than just showing you the colors, and hopefully a little more creative and inspiring. This way you`ll have a chance to see the colors. I do my nails each week anyways, and I don`t mind taking the pictures for something I already have on. I want to enjoy what I do here on Luuux, and this is my positive spin; my compromise with you all ;)

<strong>On to the design...</strong>
This was inspired by a Bubzbeauty nail tutorial. It was just a leopard print design with multiple colors, but I thought the full leopard print and all the colors was a little too much. I changed it to cover just half of my nail, which also allows me to show of this beautiful blue! The blue is a mix of `For Audrey` by China Glaze and `Blue Me Away` by Sally Hansen.

<strong>STEP 1:</strong> Paint two coats of the blue polish over each nail. When it dries, apply a thin layer of top coat.
<strong>STEP 2:</strong> Use a white nail polish to paint over half of each nail.
<strong>STEP 3:</strong> Take a nail dotting tool and dot a few blue spots in any pattern you wish. I like to do this when the white polish is still wet. This way the blue bleeds in random shapes. You should also pull the dots out yourself.
<strong>STEP 4:</Strong> Take a nail brush and begin painting black blobs around the blue spots until you achieve the desired effect.

<em>Hope you liked this! I would love to hear what you think. Don`t just hit the like button, leave your thoughts below! :) </em>

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