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5 years ago

I`m really excited to show you my first (and only) <strong>Inglot</strong> nail polish.

I bought a few other things at Inglot when I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, but I haven`t been able to post my haul because I`m having computer trouble and my pictures are on my lap top. I`ve been having to post through my phone lately so my photo quality hasn`t been as good as I would like.

The color looked beautiful on the swatches at <strong>Inglot</strong> so I grabbed it without thinking. It is a gorgeous mint green with a white opal sheen to it. It is gorgeous!!! The colors don`t have names to them, they have numbers. This particular one is color number <strong>969</strong> from their <strong>Pastel Collection</strong>.

They are on the pricey side, they are $10 a bottle. I mainly got it to try out an <strong>Inglot</strong> polish.

When I first put the color on it was thin, watery, and pretty sheer. Right away I thought ugh I don`t like it. Then I went to add a second coat and I noticed the polish had dried already! Major plus! I add the second coat and the color evened out pretty well with the second coat, some nails I was able to get it completely opaque with two coats. My thought of the polish was slowly changing. Then I thought I better add a third coat just to make sure they are all even when I see that the second coat is dry already! This stuff dries super quick, LOVE that! I added my third coat and was happy with the outcome.

I really like this polish now. I didn`t care for the sheerness, but seeing how quickly it dried changed my opinion on that right away. I didn`t mind having to use 3 coats. Normally I hate applying so many coats.

I`m going to LA again for Easter weekend so I think I`ll be hitting up <strong>Inglot</strong> again and maybe getting a couple more polishes...maybe. Only if the color is unique enough. It hurts me paying so much for colors that I feel are easily dupable (is that even a word? Lol)

<em>Have you tried nail polish from Inglot?
Have you been to an Inglot before?</em>

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