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4 years ago

I am fast forming an attachment to the China Glaze nail polishes! Out of sheer boredom one day because I woke up too early to do much of anything, I decided to test drive one of my new polishes, the China Glaze in a color called `Watermelon Rind.`

The first picture is obviously a slightly blurry (my bad) shot of the bottom of the bottle and the second shot is the way after.

I really liked this color and it looked great after three coats, though two is sufficient (I had just made a little oopsy that got covered up by coat number 3). The polish itself was a bit more liquid-y and thinner than I thought it would be, but in the end it still came together on my nails.

I started off with a coat of a Sally Hansen basecoat / topcoat polish. Once that was sufficiently dry I put on three coats of the green and finished with a coat of the basecoat / topcoat polish. All in all it was five coats that went onto my nails and that took awhile since I would get into what I was doing while waiting for my nails to dry enough to go onto the next coat.

This nail look was also an experiment in a way. And by that I mean that I don`t normally use any sort of basecoat or topcoat polish since for some reason I find that when I do my nail polish chips off all the faster. But this actually worked this time around. I don`t know if it was because the China Glaze bottles come with hardener already in the polish or not, but the topcoat actually worked this time. I had the polish on for about 3 days and the only signs of wear (which you can see in the pic where I`m holding the bottle) was the fading at the tips of my fingers. That can be contributed to the fact that I`m on a computer a lot, both for work and recreational purposes. But other than that my nails were perfectly fine up until tonight when I took off the polish so I could try out another color.

The best part is that, thanks to a new member coupon from Sally`s that I had hanging out in my wallet, I paid only $5 and change for this and another bottle (which will probably get its own post at some point in the near future).

**Pictures are mine, please do not use**

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