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<em>Not Your Mther`s</em> is a collection of Hair care products created by NYM. The product collection ranges from your everyday shampoo up to texturizing sea salt spray. At my local CVS <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> has a small and compact section for it`s products compared to the other brands but that doesn`t seem to affect their sales. Their products have a very interesting packaging that surely makes them stand out. For some reason these product remind me of TGI Bed Head products for the reason that both brands have fun packaging and both have a great scent to them. I believe <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> hair care products all cost $6.00 (price may vary) which is a plus because my CVS local weekly ad had a sale for <em>Not Your Mther`s</em>; if you buy 2 you get one free and that is exactly what I did! I will be showcasing 3 of their products and giving my complete honest opinion on these products.

<strong><em>Not Your Mther`s</em> Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray:</strong>
This product is meant for your hair to get that beach waved look you get when get out of the waves. It is infused with Dead Sea salt & sea kelp, which is suppose to texturize, wave, and separate your locks. I tried this out on myself and on my sister because every woman is different and I wanted to give you guys as many results as I could. On myself I loved the results, it gave me that awesome hair the girls on Tumblr would be rocking. However, on my sister it did not give her the same result. No matter how much we tried the product did not give her beachy hair. If it helps, my sister has long, thick, healthy hair with minimal layers and I on the other hand have very long, layered, thin, color-treated hair. I use this product for the days that I dont want to use heat on my hair or when I wake up late and don`t have the time to spend hours on my hair. I love this product! I love the scent it has! All three products that I bought from <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> have their unique irresistible scent. This product in particular has a yummy coconut scent.

<strong><em>Not Your Mther`s</em> Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo:</strong>
There are a lot of dry shampoos in the market today and I still have loads to try. So far the only one I have used was the Beyond The Zone Dry Shampoo and I loved it for being my first but now that I have tried another one I prefer <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> dry shampoo. <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> dry shampoo is suppose to instantly absorb excess oils, clean without water, and has a light matte finish. When I tried <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> dry shampoo I instantly noticed that it did not leave any form of residue. When I sprayed it on my roots it gave me a refreshing feeling and after a while I could not feel the product in my hair unlike beyond the zone`s dry shampoo. The smell is unexplainable at this point but it simply smells like any other dry shampoo. It is probably not as amazing as other dry shampoos are but it does what it says it does and I love it for that. I went out and tested it if anyone noticed I had second day hair and all of them told me my hair looked clean and not greasy at all like it should be for second day hair. So it does work! I don`t suggest using it everyday but Id use it every other day because supposedly it is bad to wash your hair everyday.


<strong><em>Not Your Mther`s</em> Beat The Heat Thermal Shield Spray:</strong>
<em>Not Your Mther`s</em> thermal shield spray is infused with sunflower & vitamins A & E that are supposed to protect your hair from moisture loss and helps keep a light hold for a quick finish. So yes, it does protect me from the hot tools that I seem to have an unhealthy relationship with... and yes it helps hold in my hairstyle! (Which I think it is a plus!) Also, it does not weigh down my hair like a Sally`s product was using. That old product is going to the trash and <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> thermal shield spray is going to stay with me!<3 did I mention the scent this product has? No, I didn`t! This product has a delicious fruity/pineapple smell to it that makes me think my hair smells fresh and cleaner than when I stepped out of the shower. And that yummy scent stays on my hair for the whole day. Which I use it as an excuse not to wear body spray. The scent becomes weaker at night (but is still there) and thats when I spray on my Gucci (which is great because now my perfume will last longer)<3 I simply just love the smell, love what the product does, I just love it<3

My final advice...
Try a couple of <em>Not Your Mther`s</em> hair products and tell me if you love them as much as I do or tell me how much you hate them! I love reading your thoughts and comments. Please check out your local CVS weekly ad if you`re interested in these products because I would love you guys to not miss out on their offer.

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