Not the most fashionable Fanny Pack `Running Belt` but it`s amazing!

This isn`t the most fashionable fanny pack or `running belt` but hands down is this an amazing product. I wish I had known about this before my yearly pass to the hiking spot I go to expired last month. When I go hiking, walking, jogging - I always use a fanny pack to carry essentials like keys, some cash (encase boyfriend + I) get food afterwards, phone, first aid kit and of course our phones! One pet peeve with using a fanny pack from Victoria`s Secret is that it isn`t comfortable to run in, the fanny pack with jump all over the place and I always fear someone will just run and snatch my fanny pack off my body as the latch isn`t that secure.

With the running belt by Urban Active Sports, say good bye to bounce. And the latch is super secure. I literally have to use two hands to open it! I can fit my phone in the front without removing my phone case and fitting all the essentials I need. I absolutely love my new running belt!

Disclaimer: I received this Running Belt free in exchange for my 100% honest opinion. No compensation was received at all for this review.

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