Not Getting (too) Lost in Venice

I have a terrible sense of direction and I hate being lost. Not exactly a winning combination for a lone traveler on her way to Venice. Non the less, I was determined to go back.

Venice is one of the most amazing places Ive ever been. A magical floating city, truly beautiful both in the day and the night. and for someone who loves being close to the ocean as much as I do its a place where public transportation is not a slow, crowded bus, but a slow crowded boat! (Do I have to say anymore?)

Getting lost, disoriented, frustrated from walking in so many circles is all worth it for a few nights in Venice.

Of course youve heard of the tiny streets that change names halfway down, or the ones that dont have names at all. and Im sure youve heard of the oh-so-not-so-great signage theyve got going on in Venice Like the pic above (my pic, by the way).

So should you go to Venice?

Yes, trust me. Its worth it. Go to Venice take your smartphone, purchase the Citys wifi and GPS yourself back to the hotel at the end of the night! Thats what I did and it worked wonderfully! Yup, its that easy. The Wifi is available in all major Plazas and you can purchase it right from your phone. So go get lost in Venice. becasue when youve thoroughly had enough, you wont have any trouble getting back to your hotel (hostel in my case).

I was so glad to have that function when I needed it. It allowed me to truly explore Venice without worry or inhibitions. Peace of mind! Using the GPS also worked out great because it took me down the small paths and side streets that only locals use. I wasnt herded with the rest of the tourists down the main streets- but instead was rushed down dark little ally ways by locals. It was great. I saw a side of Venice that most tourists dont get to see and I got to do it without worrying about how Id get back.

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