Not a fan of luuux

2 years ago

Luuux is not like how it used to be I dislike this new luuux before It was fun and there was more people active and there were better prizes and a lot more prizes. This new luuux there`s barely any prizes and the price to get the prizes are freaking ridiculous, the view thing is ok but I feel only the `moderators` get the most points or views they are the only ones I see on top every week, oh and let me not get started with the rules these so called `moderators` moderate your post and when you ask them why they never have an exact answer they tell you they`ll get back to you and never do. I have asked @michellemaihuynh , @zigz_12 , @seralina about some post that were moderated last week and did not hear from them, hmm I wonder why ? And luuux flux is ridiculous I feel like I waste my time I can have $40 and the next week go down to $20 why do I even bother I feel like I`m wasting my time on this website. Like I said the old luuux was WAY better. But no shades though just how I feel

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