Noselight Glows When You Breathe

<em>Our nose is really dark because it`s not meant for anyone to look into.... except the individual behind closed doors while we`re cleaning our noses..</em>

But what if the trend is to wear nose lights in our nose so that others can see how clean or dirty our noses are? That would be extremely funny yet weird too! This was designed and created by Noda Akira. The reason? I have no idea but guess what he is? Japanese! The innovated people! In the article these nose lights are described to feel like dry snot in your nose and for imagine how many times the light will light up... every time we breath and we breath a lot of times! Imagine running or doing some physical work the light will be blinking super fast.

<strong>Would you want to try this weird Japanese Invention having nose light in your nose for every time you breath? What may be the reason why he designed this do you know?</strong>

If you want to see the nose light in action check out the source link to watch the Youtube video. It is so weird because it is used by a battery, what if the battery explodes or something, this doesn`t seem to be very safe at all!

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