Nordstrom Rack Shoe Deals!

3 years ago

It has been so long that I have not used LUUUX. So much as changed! And now I cannot wait until the new site is out. Also on the other hand, now that I have a descent break from school, I want to LUUUX again.

But anyways, I have been itching to post something, but had no idea what to post. Luckily, I still have pictures on my phone that I meant to Instagram, but never did. But this post in particular was my recent purchase from the weekend!

I`m not sure about your guys, but don`t you get excited when you see a pair of shoes or even clothes or purses/accessories on sale? For me every time I go in Nordstrom Rack, I always see deals beyond deals! This purchase got me basically jumping inside.
First off, this trip was for my mom for her birthday, she found TOMS but no size for her. As I was helping her, I spotted these Sperrys! [First Picture] I have been eyeing these for some months and almost grabbed these when these were in the $20s, but I set them aside. And months later they are still there! When I picked them up, checked the price and held the box around my arm like my dog and kept looking for TOMS for my mom. But we couldn`t find TOMS that she liked and as I made 1 last round, (around the same aisle I looked for TOMS) I spotted these Flats [Second Picture] First thing that got me was is that really the price? At first I thought my mom would like them, but she told me that these flats look nice on my feet, so instead I got both of the shoes.
Honestly, I love browsing than expecting that I will get something, because I find the best deals for items like I like.

The Run Down:
Sperry: Near $10 (price in picture)
Flats: $5 (price in picture)
Total: Around $16
Total SAVINGS: $100

Thanks for reading! :)

Do you get excited when you find deals on items you want/like?
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