Nongshim Shin Ramyun amp Nissin Chicken Noodles!

For a quick lunch since our gas is being shut off-- I prepared noodles for my dad and I to eat since we both have a day off today.

My dad had the cup noodles by Nissin in the chicken flavor because he doesn`t like to eat spicy foods. He says one isn`t enough so he has to eat two of these to be equivalent to my bowl noodle. I have had this before and it`s not that great taste wise but gets you through the day. It`s also cheaper too. As for flavor it tastes okay.. but the packaging isn`t very sturdy so I would be careful if you microwave in that packaging. I suggest using a microwavable bowl if possible.

But, I think the winner is definitely the Nongshim brand. They have a lot of awards especially this one that I have which is the Shin Ramyun! It contains beef broth and vegetables/mushrooms and some spiciness to it. Funny thing is I hate spicy but I love my noodles spicy! The noodles are easy to eat and definitely yummy especially if you add some sausage, hot dogs in it too. =)

If I was comparing the two, I`d say Nongshim but they`re totally different [one is chicken flavor/one is beef so you can`t really compare? one is spicy/one is not]. And, Both took the same amount of time to cook.

<strong>Tell me what your favorite brand noodles are!</strong>

<em>More information about the noodles:</em>
Nissin -
Nongshim -;pid=5

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