Nokia`s 41 Mega Pixel Smartphone!

Yes, when I saw that Nokia is releasing a 41 mega pixel smart phone camera (Nokia 808) I thought it was impossible. And, hypothetically the smart phone won`t take 41 mega pixel photos BUT it will collect 41 mega pixels worth of photo data and create a sharp 5 mega pixel photo. So in a sense it`s not lying cause the photo will just be super sharp just in a condensed form.

<em>Other specifications for the phone:</em>
- The camera captures beautiful clear/sharp/detailed photos
- The camera captures photos in any light (low/dark/bright and so forth)
- The camera shoots FULL HD videos
- You can zoom the camera up to 300% (which is 3 times as close) and the photo won`t be all blurry
- You can also zoom while shooting in full HD video
- Apps and game ready
- The camera is available in white, red, and/or black. This phone is available in Europe not yet in America but would probably range anywhere from $500-600 ~ like the Apple iPhone!

Overall: This phone sounds pretty awesome but you have to take in consideration that with so much technology packed into the phone I bet the battery will drain fairly quickly, it would take a long time to load photos on Facebook, E-Mail [because my old Apple iPhone 3gs is old and the quality of photo sucks but it does take awhile to send sometimes] so I wonder how this phone will live up to it`s expectations. Also in angles, this phone is quite thick [not thin as the iPhone 4S]

<strong>Do you think this phone will be better than the Apple iPhone 4S? Do you think any phone will be better than Apple?</strong>

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