Nokia lumia 800 vs Iphone 4S?

5 years ago

Both of the Iphone 4S and the Nokia Lumia 800 (With Windows Phone) are smartphones in 2011-2012. Both of them have nice designs and fast application. However, I think that Nokia`s design is nicer.
I don`t think there is really difference in security you can tract them both. As we know, Nokia has the best hardware so Windows phone 7 doesn`t need a strong processor to run on. Of course, the Apple store is better but the Windows phone 7 is new.
I have both of the phones. They are both "pretty good " phone and cool design. If you like apple, then you should buy Iphone 4S which has better antenna than Iphone 4. If you like Nokia and its cool design, you should get Nokia lumia 800 cause it has all the function you need like an Iphone 4.
However, the price of Iphone4S is kind of overpriced (~700 for 16KG)while Nokia 800 is cheaper (~500 for 16KG) but has the same functions like touchscreen, email, internet, texting, chatting, etc. And when I start up both of the phone at the same time, the Nokia Lumia 800 is started faster than the Iphone4S. The Nokia Lumina 800 has larger screen and lighter weight then Iphone4S but it doesn`t have two faced camera like Iphone 4S. The Nokia Lumia 800 also come with a nice black phone case when you purchased the phone. .
Some people might think that that Windows Phone 7 is way smoother and have faster browser than Iphone and vice versa. However, I don`t think we should be influenced by other`s opinions. Both of them are smartphone that offer differents things to different people. So If you want to buy an smart phone, you should check them out.
I am happy to have Nokia Lumia 800 cause it has all the functions I need in a phone.

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