Nokia c3

5 years ago

Hey everyone I think this is my first ever technology post haha I`ll try and do more of these though from now on :D
I got this phone for Christmas and I actually HATE it :(
I bought it in the vodafone store and not one person in their were very helpfull.
I figured out christmas morning the wifi did not work which means I cant download apps or anything on it so I put it back in the box straight away with the stickers and everything still on the screen so pretty much brand now so I could bring it back and I gave it in to the shop and they said they would fix it and they had it for about two weeks and we got NO calls about it or anything so my father decided to go in and find out what they were doing and when we went in the man gave us instructions on how to fix it printed on a sheet and sent us home with that, we tried it, and it didn`t work so he brought it back in AGAIN and they tried it themselves and it did nothing so they sent it to the place that made it or whatever and it was gone for another like two weeks and they sent it back unfixed and once again we got no call about it even though they had taken a few of our numbers.
I am really annoyed with this phone as it does not do anything that it claims. Also I have problems with texting on it too. Sometimes peoples texts never come though. I get a few people saying to me why am I never replying to their text :/
also it freezes or the screen goes blank and when I get a text it has the wrong name but when I open it the name changes to the right person and it`s just annoying.
my parents paid 100 euro for this phone and my father has a phone he paid 40 euro for, LESS THEN HALF, and it does everything perfect so I am really really upset about this phones problems :/

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