Nobody looks bad in a bright orange shirt. =D

5 years ago

I choose my outfit`s very carefully.When i`m shopping i try to find my perfect outfit.One of my least favorites colors has to be the color orange.When i was younger i used to wear extremely colorful shirts.Does anybody remember when there were famous tie dye shirts?

those were my favorite shirts to wear when i was going out.In these days if we see a person with colorful outfit`s were like "what is she thinking were not in a circus".I mean i wouldn`t do that ,it`s horrible.One of favorite colors to wear is pink and black.Who can`t love pink and black?Those colors represent girly colors lol.

Some people look good in orange except me i look like a pumpkin.So this young lady was wearing a bright orange shirt.To add more colors she added a black shorts with different colors.To mix colors up she added black galdiators.To me accessories are important to me.If you would see my closet you would die.

My sisters and cousins always tell me not to buy more accessories,i just cant help it i`m Obsessed.But i do share with my sisters so they don`t say anything anymore.What i thought about this outfit is that she looks great.I like how the color fit`s her perfectly.If i would of worn that i would look awful and horrible.

I haven`t worn orange since a long time,so know i`m starting to like it.She paired it up in a good way.Love the shorts they match .I thought the shorts was a skirt .This outfit is really good for going out with friends or just in hurry.It`s also pretty for the summer when the sun burns so much.

Also for those teenagers who go to high school.Maybe all start wearing orange this weekend let`s see if i don`t look weird or more darker.So if you have an orange shirt go find some cute shorts and paired it up so you could wear it for summer.What do you think?Really summerish.......I don`t think so lol =D

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