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4 years ago is Sunday, June 17, but the storylines have been written for weeks; Daniel Bryan will win the WWE Championship.While this prediction may be bold, all the planets are aligning for what could be an amazing night in WWE history. We may actually see the birth of a new age in WWE culture.If Bryan does indeed win the title, that means the WWE believes that making this feud long-term is the right move. If thats the case, we can expect more of Bryan and CM Punk in our championship matches going forward. Kane Saves CM Punk The biggest reason that WWE hasnt let Bryan win the Watch Wwe No Way Out 2012 Online title yet is because it doesn`t want Punk to be the one that takes the pin. Thats where Kane comes in. In a classic three-way match, it is first pin fall or submission that wins the match. With Punk losing the belt even if he isnt part of the decision, it would be easy to have him incapacitated somehow and have Bryan steal the victory over Kane. Kane is used to letting people go over him, so one more match wont be a big deal. As long as he comes ready to wrestle, he will add a fun element to what should be a well-executed match. Riding the Momentum It was last year around this time that Punk sat at the top of the ramp and went off on a shoot that would become the biggest moment of his career. With Bryans momentum running red hot, the WWE Watch No Way Out 2012 Live Stream wants to get the title around his waist and catch lightning in a bottle again. Wrestling is always more fun when the face is chasing the heel, so this gives the WWE a chance to build suspense before giving the belt back to Punk at SummerSlam in an all-out battle. Bryan has been nothing but a pleasant surprise with his amazing in-ring work and how much the crowd really cares, and WWE realizes that they have something special. While Zack Ryder was a flash in the pan, D-Bry could stay in the companys fave-five for a long time. The Power of Manipulation While programming hasnt been knocking fans out with creative storylines, the angle with Bryan, Punk and now Kanes love interest AJ is something most fans can agree is working. The key here is to make her a heel by allowing her to become the devious character who helps Bryan because he manipulates her. While it sounds like something torn from the script of a daytime drama, it has added real intrigue to the WWE title scene. As I have been saying for months, this is a classic case of manipulation by a heel star to his female counterpart; very reminiscent of Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.

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