No Skinny People Allowed in Gym.

4 years ago

Here`s a very interesting article I read online a few minutes ago. Have you ever felt like you`re unwanted when it comes to working out in front of skinny people? Well, now you can overcome your fear in Vancouver. In Vancouver there`s a place called Body Exchange. Body Exchange allows plus-size people to work out! The owner, Louise Green are banning skinny people to come and workout. They feel the need to is because skinny people can be intimidating towards the plus-size people. The Body Exchange are allowing plus-size people who are at the aged between 35-55 years old. Back in 2008 they allowed 18, 67 years old plus-size in. 

Some of the activity they`re doing are the following:

personal training camp
boot camps

---->>>> monthly adventures
other activities. 

Louise Greene reason why she opened up this place is to help the plus-size people. I thought about the article and I`m glad she went towards this directions. It`s great to see people who are thinking out the box. I don`t mind coming here, but too bad her business is in Vancover boo! 

1. Do you think it`s a great idea to keep away skinny people?
2. Are you intimidate by other skinny people? 

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