NO SCAM! Get technology (ipad, iphone, ipad) delivered to your door for FREE with this website

I finally found a REAL website that delivers items you would love to have to you. It is called FreebieJeebies. I will tell you a lot about it before you sign up. You could pick from different website types such as apple products, consoles, gifts and more. I chose apple because I am a huge apple fan and I really want an iphone 4s but don`t have the money for it yet. When you sign up in this link: you will need to add your REAL information. Yeah I know I was a little skeptical at first but they need your real shipping information when they ship you what you want.

After you sign up with your real information you will be directed to a page with offers. You will need to choice an offer and sign up for a trial. Some of them you will have to pay but other you could just sign up for a free trial like i did. After signing up you need to wait atleast 48 hours for them to confirm you successfully did the offer. But wait this is not all. You need to refer this website to your friends in order to increase the prize you want. FOR EXAMPLE. If you want an iphone 4S with 16GB, you will need to refer 25 people (they have to sign up for it to count). I`m pretty sure the lowest prize price you could find is an apple computer mouse. You will only need 3 refers to get the prize.

So I know what you`re thinking, it`s probably the same thing I was thinking. "How do they get the money" Well everytime you place a free trial or in general buy an offer (which i wouldn`t do) they get some money from the company. NONE of the money comes from you pockets.

So in conclusion I just ordered an apple mouse to see if this website was real. I recommend this website for everyone considering who doesn`t want free things. This website is similar to LUUUX and I recommend everyone to try it out.

Go on youtube and google to see all the other people who got prizes sent to them.

All pictures came from forums about freebiejebbies.

PS. This website is for many countries around the world which includes USA, Canada, Australia and much more. AND if you don`t want any gifts you could choice to get cash money sent to your paypal account.

-Thanks for reading and tell me what you think (this is no scam I swear to you, give it a try but drop it if you don`t like it)

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