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3 years ago

So this past week an episode of Kitchen Nightmares featured a Restaurant called Amy`s Baking Company (ABC) sounds like a sweet little bakery right? Well after the owners started receiving bad reviews on sites like Yelp they decided it was all a big conspiracy and everyone was out to get them. As a last result they called in Gordon Ramsey and his Kitchen Nightmare`s team to find the real problem and fix the business (or the customers). Gordon began his journey averagely meeting the owners and investigating the kitchen. He was shocked to find a perfectly cleaned and organized kitchen contrary to the kitchen nightmares he usually finds. As he sat down to enjoy a meal from the Chef Amy, he found the only appetizing thing was the dessert. Amy couldn`t handle the news and called Gordon a liar and Amy`s husband refused to tell Amy allthe customer complaints. Amy even went as far as to fire one of her waitresses at the end of the night for having an attitude. That`s not all Gordon discovered that the owners keep all the waitresses tips! The owners claimed that the waitresses didn`t do the real work and were to lazy to deserve them. Chef Ramsey made Hells Kitchen history and walked away from the restaurant without finishing his fixing mission. That`s all dandy I`m sure the episode was great for ratings! But what makes this story even more interesting? After the episode aired the Amy`s Baking Company facebook page BLEW UP! Not only with comments on the restaurant, but from the owners. Amy and Samy both lit up their facebook feed firing comments about people on Yelp, Reddit and facebook accusing them of lying and being terrible people. A comment was also made that God was on their side, and the charges would be pressed against the nay sayers who were Bullying them. After a few hours of attacking social media the owners claimed they had been hacked and were pursuing their hackers and pressing charges. What really happened? Who know`s? But all the slam posts have been deleted from the facebook page, but you can read them
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