No More Snoozin`. Stand on Rug to Stop Alarm!

5 years ago

Pushing the snooze button is a really bad habit. It`s even worse in me because I actually wake up to RESET my alarm clock instead of just hitting the snooze button. That takes commitment, I know. Unfortunately, I still have the tendency of sleeping through my alarms. How that happens, I have no idea. I even put my phone on my pillow so that the alarm will go off right next to me head! I must be a crazy deep sleeper.

There have been a ton of inventions to prevent students like us from hitting that lovely snooze button. There have been clocks that charge you for snoozing. There are clocks that will roll off your night stand until you get up to catch it. And probably many more that I haven`t even heard of yet. Here is a new one...

This is a rug that will force yourself to wake up! Since it`s not on your nightstand like the traditional clock, you forces you to stand up on it to turn it off! And as an added plus, it gives you a nice plush barrier for the cold morning hardwood floor. Ick. I hate that feeling.

Another good thing I noticed about this is that the clock will no longer be nagging at you on nights you have trouble sleeping. It`s bad to have any kind of lights glaring in your face as you sleep, but with our modern love of technology, it`s a bit hard to get rid of the glow from a gaming console or the glow from your flat screen TV`s power button. But with a rug alarm clock, you will at least have the comfort of NOT counting down the minutes and stressing yourself out when you have trouble to sleep. I know that happens to me A LOT. So much so in fact that in high school I would put a towel over my clock so the red numbers wouldn`t constantly flash in my face.

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