No More iPhone 5?

4 years ago

iPhone is expected to be annouced in 2 days. Unfortunately, I`m not one of the ones who will be getting it as I have the iPhone 4S so my contract is not up for another year.

But it still interests me as to what the "5" will have. Well here are some of the newest rumors.

The biggest news today from Bloomberg is probably that the iPhone 5 will go the route of the iPad 3 and drop the numbering. Yes, that`s right, the iPhone 5 will be known as "The New iPhone." Pictures are circulating on the net that shows a lady with the printout of the packaging of The New iPhone, hence the rumor.

Other rumors include as you can see from the pic above, that the phone will be much thinner compared to the iPhone 4S. I`ve never been bothered by the thickness of the 4S, but hey, the thinner the better right?

Third new rumor is that the dock connecter as we all know will change. But it`s been reported by a French blogging site with supposedly real images of the plugs that they will be the same size as Micro-USB.

Last recent rumor is that while Apple will make the announcement on Sept 12, the iPhone will not release until September 21st. This is news from FedEx that has reported they expect a surge in shipments (of unknown origin) from Sept 21st - 24th.

What do you think of the latest rumors? Will you be getting it?

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