No Money? No Lunch?

3 years ago

Maybe you`ve seen the reports going around, but this is a story everyone should hear.
An elementary school in Utah is making headlines today after 40 students were robbed of their lunch.
The students didn`t have the money in their lunch accounts to pay for their lunches so how did the school react?
They took the lunches from the students and threw them away.
There has been an uproar on social media about kids having food taken out of their mouth only to have it pitched in the trash.
The biggest anger is that there are people starving in the world and there was perfectly good food thrown away.

My opinion?
I find it infuriating! School lunches are the only lunches that some kids have, and with the prices going up every year school lunches range around $3.00 everyday which is $15.00 a week. Now that doesn`t seem like much to some people, but when you don`t have the money it surely is.
School lunches have been making a lot news lately with reports that they`re not healthy, but this report is too much. I`ve read comments saying that the person in charge should be terminated of their position and I can`t say that I disagree. I think people forget that children are not in control of their lives, especially at an elementary school age. Children get in trouble if they`re late to school in the morning and now that they don`t have the money to pay for their lunch. It`s terrible.
One thing is certain though, this situation could have been handled differently.

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